Sunday 16 March 2014

At A Venue Near You....


Blogwise we have been rather quiet lately, or to be more accurate, we've been silent. Strangely silent even, but no more, we are back yes indeed!. Did you miss us while we were away?. What's that you say? how could you not even notice?

Moving swiftly on, our whereabouts over the coming months will be as follows. On 30th March 2014 we will be at Steampunk at The Griffin, in Dudley for an evening of Steampunk frivolity. Also appearing will be Birthrite and burlesque dancer Steamtease, there will also be a selection of artisans including Sparkelsbygem and Steampunk Relics offering their wares for sale.

Recently announced, we will also be at Steampunk Doncaster as part of the evening entertainment on 21st June 2014 along with BB Black Dog, Montague Jacques Fromage and burlesque performances from Scarlet Butterfly. Full details of the Steampunk Doncaster - Tiffin in the Park weekend can be found on the website, there is a full programme of activities to be enjoyed.

In August we will be at The Steampunk Experience at Alt Fest along with many other Steampunk bands. More details can be found here.

Finally, our latest EP A Darker Shadow was recently reviewed by Stu's Reviews (thank you Sir!) and, should you wish to, you can read the review here 

If you would like us to appear at an event (preferably not our own public execution), or would like to get in touch then please do either via our Facebook page or website.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, farewell.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

A Darker Shadow


It's been a while, but welcome to the latest instalment of our blog.

You may have noticed we've been rather quiet of late, that however, is about to change. Today (28th January 2014) we launch our new EP which is entitled A Darker Shadow. Today is also the day that one of the tracks from said recording will get it's first public airing during The GASP show on Blast1386 (you can find Blast1386 on the Tunein Radio phone app. as well as on the internet). The show will also feature our vocalist with a five minute slot of her own. Prepare yourself for an assortment of interesting (or possibly strange) ramblings through the dark and twisted corridors of her mind. Terrifying though it may be, we could get a glimpse of where she goes to when she's alone in her head. If you are old enough to recognise that last reference then read on, if not then proceed with caution - dark things lurk in the gloom ahead.

No doubt your curiosity has been aroused to fever pitch by the mere mention of our new recordings. Wonder no more, during the GASP show A Darker Shadow will become available for your listening pleasure (and can even purchased) at our Bandcamp page. Are you prepared for songs of an evil shadow, Hel, wandering hands and an all seeing eye? We certainly hope you are, and that you will not be too terribly disturbed by the experience.

In addition to the above we will be performing along with Birthrite at Steampunk at The Griffin in March, details can be found here. All of which means we can be heard but not seen (on the GASP show) or both seen and heard at The Griffin, the choice is yours.

As ever, if you have any comments or questions we can be contacted via our Facebook page, until next time thanks for reading, and farewell. 

Sunday 24 November 2013

Celebrated People


Today Crimson Clocks Tower is filled with activity and noise, allow me to assuage your curiosity as to the reasons for this. We are celebrating four birthdays this weekend one of which is a 50th, you probably already know Who that relates to.

As to the other three they are Rev. William Webb Ellis (born 24 November 1806), a man with a penchant for holding his strangely shaped ball (rather than kicking it). Which is to say he is, as you no doubt know, credited with inventing the game of rugby football. Another victorian invention that remains popular to this day.

We are also raising a glass to heroine Grace Darling (born 24 November 1815). In the early hours of a September morning while looking out from one of the windows of Longstone Lighthouse, Grace spotted a wreck and its survivors on a nearby low lying rocky island. Having realised it was too rough for the lifeboat to set out Grace and her father took to a rowing boat and managed to rescue four people. Her heroic actions have been immortalised in song and in a poem by William Wordsworth.

Finally we are also celebrating the birthday of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (born 24 November 1864), famous for his colourful and provocative images of the decadent times in which he lived. He was closely linked to the theatrical side of Paris particularly the Moulin Rouge, having been commissioned to produce a series of posters for that establishment.

All of which brings us rather nicely to the subject of dancers and entertainment. Tickets are now available for Frosty Belles and Whistles, featuring our good selves, a host of burlesque dancers, Birthrite, BB Black Dog and Professor Elemental. Further details can be found on Facebook, we hope to see you there.

As ever, if you would like to contact us please do via our Facebook page or website, thanks for reading and until next time farewell.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Once Upon A...


The next few weeks will see us busy preparing for Frosty Belles and Whistles which takes place on the 8th of December. Meanwhile, in a library on the other side of town (not literally the other side of town), Linzi will be appearing at Steampunk in Dudley on the 21st of November. The rest of the band will of course be busy doing essential works, striving to make the world a better place and not gallivanting around enjoying themselves.

I tell you this in confidence so please keep it to yourself, but unbeknown to one member of the band, the rest of us are currently writing 'Cinderella The Steampunk Pantomime'. This version features  a steampunk band, three of whom are expected to slave away night and day to keep Crimson Clocks Tower their home clean and tidy while the remaining member (possibly the vocalist) goes off to Dudley Library the ball for a wonderful evening of entertainment. We have a feeling it will prove to be very popular (Oh yes it will!), well, three of us do anyway. All we need to do now is design a brass slipper, a clockwork carriage, write the music, and success is assured. 

If you can't wait until the aforementioned pantomime has been finalised to see us (and lets face it, it could be a long wait) we will be at Frosty Belles and Whistles as mentioned above, and don't forget that next year we will be at the Steampunk Experience at Alt-Fest in the summer along with many other steampunk bands. We will of course be appearing in a variety of guises and locations between now and Alt-Fest and will keep you informed of our plans.

As ever, if you would like to contact us please do so via our website or Facebook page, thanks for reading and until next time farewell.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Home Again


We are home, home again. It has to be said that we do like to be here when we can. We have returned home cold and tired, and as Pink Floyd found, it's good to warm our feet beside the fire. The furnaces are burning once again, and Crimson Clocks Tower is full of activity.

All activity will of course cease for a few moments this morning as we stop to remember those that have served, and that are currently serving their country.

While we were away we have been quite busy and, despite being in parts unknown, have managed to record six more songs that will be available shortly for your listening pleasure. We had many strange encounters during our travels, and will tell you all about them - what happens on the road (while under the influence) is promulgated as rapidly as possible. One of the group (not naming any names but you can probably guess which one) has returned home with a shrunken head of which they are very proud. One can only hope it returns to normal size before our next on stage appearance because they do look rather foolish at present.

Speaking of our next appearance it will be at The Roadhouse, Birmingham on December 8th and as the poster below shows it is a Christmas burlesque extravaganza.

The Facebook page for Frosty Belles and Whistles can be found here and the tickets can be purchased here it will be a great way to start December.

If you would like to contact us we can be reached via our Facebook page or website, until next time thanks for reading and farewell.

Sunday 29 September 2013

Here Be Dragons

The shutters on the windows of Crimson Clocks Tower have been closed, and the Tower is cold and empty, the only sound to be heard within is the occasional ticking of the boilers in the cellar as they cool. The Crimson Carriage stands on the gravel driveway waiting. Instruments have been packed in the Carriage along with supplies and accoutrements, and we know where our overnight stops will be for the first leg of the journey. Beyond that things become more than a little uncertain, with the only certainty being that the journey must be taken regardless of the consequences.

(Photo courtesy of

Our destination on the map is marked "Here be dragons", and while we are eager to be on our way we are also vaguely uneasy about what may lie ahead. 

Now, as the door to the Tower closes and is locked, the journey can no longer be delayed. Everyone is on board, the carriage wheels begin to turn. As the gates to the grounds close behind us we are going and may be some time. Ah yes.... one last thing before I forget....we'll be back.  

Sunday 22 September 2013

Within These Walls


Lately there has been a lot of banging and a deep rumbling noise at Crimson Clocks Tower, and as its been some time since curry was last consumed within these walls it can only mean one thing. The rhythm section of Crimson Clocks have been busy recording their parts for our forthcoming CD. So busy have they been in fact that they have already completed all six tracks. The violin and oboe will be recorded next and followed shortly afterwards by the vocals. If things go according to plan then the CD may even be available in time for Christmas, whilst we would would love it if the plan came together, nothing is for certain.

While we are on the subject of CD's, our Ingeniously Evil CD is available via our website, which is a marvel of engineering and design all hand built by our drummer Steve and powered by the steam from superheated Marmite. You'll either love it or hate it, there's no in between. If you haven't visited the website before please do, it is a wonder to behold even if we do say so ourselves. Speaking of the web, we also have our own page on the Alt Fest site here, while the link for the Steampunk Experience can be found here.

As ever, if you would like to get in touch please do via the aforementioned website, or via our Facebook page. Thanks for reading, and until next time, farewell.